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Chiang Rai, Thailand 2016

Where it all started...


I decided to embark on a journey to Southeast Asia. A journey all the way across the globe yes, but also a journey within. During my travels I visited six countries and too many cities to count. Each city of all these amazing countries had something unique and beautiful to offer- and I found that true for their yoga classes, too. With each class, I was learning more and gaining a deeper understanding of this ancient practice than I ever had back home. Each teacher had their own style and brought a bit of themselves into the classes they led. I was absolutely inspired. While staying in Northern Thailand, I found myself in a long conversation with my yoga teacher that changed my travel path in the best possible way. Afterward, I began searching for teacher training programs. I found a 200 hour YTT through World Yoga Alliance in Chaing Rai, just north of where I was staying. I continued to research WYA and discovered that their focus is on traditional Indian Hatha yoga. I quickly realized this was exactly the training that I wanted and needed.  We were taught the Eastern way of yoga, where the practice originated. Each day at Adinath Ashram, I felt my practice deepening by learning the history and philosophy of yoga, proper Sanskrit, and alignment. With this new found knowledge came an invigorated passion and appreciation for yoga. A light had been ignited in my soul. 

I have always known I am meant to help others, by teaching yoga I am finally living my truth.

~ ॐ ~

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After completing my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Chiang Rai I traveled to Myanmar with a friend and then decided to head back home to my family,
my friends, and the world I had always known. But I was returning with a new perspective, a drive I had been lacking in the past, a desire to spread the
light of yoga. Within the first week back I had acquired a job at a new studio opening up and I was stoked and oh so nervous. As scared as I was to start teaching 
it felt like the Universe handed me this opportunity and I wanted to give it my all. So I practiced at home, guiding my dad and sister in my parent's garage, and then began teaching publicly. Deep House Vinyasa with a live DJ, 420-friendly classes blasting Snoop Dog and Biggie Smalls, and my favorite Mala and Mantra where we combined the magical of Mala and chanting mantra with the flow of Hatha! Within that time I was awarded Yoga Teacher of the Month with LuLu Lemon and started the Yoga Enrichment program at the preschool where I worked (little children om-ing and creating their own flows is as cute as you are imagining trust me!) I also started with another yoga studio and began teaching at a hostel in Denver which inspired me in my next travels...

Denver, Colorado USA 2016-2019
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